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So, today we released our 5th episode of GenZers to rise! Podcast series. The last 2 months, our IT Department is working hard to create more media types for our international visitors. We provide content to more than 50 countries and we are receiving approximately 2000 visits per month.

Until now we have Podcasts, Interviews and Articles. The distribution of such a great amount of media becomes more difficult than even before because different teams have to collaborate simultaneously which is not possible every time. This is why we are laughing the ChangemakerZ Media, a unique link for any for every media type that we are sharing.

What is this ?

We want our content to be identified and verified from search engines so that it can be promoted and quickly shared through the different means. This is why, in collaboration with Cloudflare, Rebrandly, Google and Toneden, we are having the following main media addresses:

Every link that we share with our global community, through social media, emails, newsletters, partnership communications etc., on the background there is link like https://media.changemakerz.org/ep5.

These links have signed certificates and include general accepted organisation schemas like AMP and JSON-LTD which provide important information of the submitted content.

This technology cost a great amount of money because it helps to track different parameters of success, tracking variables, UTM analytics and more. This analysis need electricity and great internet connection to the servers, which increase the cost of these services.

Hopefully, 3rd party advertising and our collaborations give us the ability to maintain these complex sharing and distribution system for free. We are so excited to see how this is going to help us to grow even more and to make better content.


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