Max Reisinger: finding balance between being a teenager, a successful YouTuber, and an entrepreneur.

Max Reisinger is a 17 year old YouTuber and entrepreneur from North Carolina.

He has amassed millions of views after making videos about living and attending school in France as an American teenager. He continues to build an engaged global community through telling stories about travel, business, productivity, the American high school experience, and more

He also founded clothing brand and discord community Perspectopia, which aligns with his optimistic and open minded outlook on life.

What inspired you to create your youtube channel?

Moving to France definitely inspired me just because I knew it was a huge opportunity to document something and share it with the world. I also wanted something to look back on when I am older.

Have you ever felt any kind of hesitation before putting yourself out there? If so, how did you overcome it? What advice do you have for people who want to put themselves out there , whether it's through YouTube or social media?

I was an introverted and shy kid before moving to France.

I tried to build myself up with the channel because it was my chance to really get out there and become more extroverted/less shy.

Before I struggled a lot with social anxiety. Starting a YouTube channel and meeting people through that empowered me to become more confident.

Making a bold move really helped me. For me, that was starting a YouTube channel. It really throws you out there. Once you do that you realize that it's not so bad. Just do something wild like asking out your crush. That can really show you that it's really not as intimidating as you think it is.

What is your vision for Perspectopia? What does the name mean?

Perspectopia is a utopian society in our minds. It’s hard to explain because it is still evolving. The name is Perspective and Utopia put together. It’s a reflection of my whole channel and outlook on life. I wanted to create a community of people who shared an optimistic mindset about every facet of life.

How did you navigate the different aspects of starting a business (legal, financial, marketing)?

To be honest, I just winged it. I’m a stubborn person so I don’t really like doing a lot of research or reading a lot of instructions. I like to dive in head first. I figured things out along the way and I determined what aspects I needed to research further.

You have a really unique art direction for the branding of Perspectopia. Tell us more about your creative process. Where do you get inspiration?

Retro futurism has been pretty inspirational for me. Especially the time around the space age, swoopy cars, the Jetsons, and Googie architecture around the 60’s.