Diversifying Your Staff 101

Diversity plays a tremendous role in work culture. In a globalized world, it is inevitable that you will have to work with many types of people with different personalities, cultures, and races. However, understanding the importance of diversity and learning how to diversify your staff may help you along the way. It

In this modern world, a person can contact another person on the other side of the globe with a few clicks. Consumers can buy products from a producer, even if the manufacturer is across the country. Clearly, the people worldwide have never been so connected.

The Benefits of a Diverse Staff

With easy global communication comes the burden of understanding other cultures, people, and religions, as communication becomes easier when both parties have a better understanding of one another. While researching your client’s background may seem like an easy answer, it is different than fully understanding a culture. So how can the business world avoid this problem?

Diversifying your staff is the simplest solution. By diversifying your staff to fit different cultural archetypes, your business will have a broader scope of clientele to associate with. Shared archetypes between producers and consumers give consumers a greater appeal to your product because an emotional connection to the seller can also reflect on the product. G. Clotaire Rapaille, a researcher on the impact of culture on business and markets, explains, “[Archetypes] are the essence of sales. The art of selling is complicated in every nation, but it is always influenced by collective experience.”

In addition to various cultures, religions, and backgrounds, a diverse workplace should also include a variety of personalities. Different personalities with differing values and ideas are a key component to a healthy workspace. For example, a visionary might have many ideas on what a company can develop into. To counterbalance this visionary, a team should also have a strategizer who can know how a company can reach its goal. Because of the diversity of thought, the ideas brought to the table can push companies forward, increasing productivity.

Depending on the company, it also may be a good idea to have employees that speak multiple languages. In addition to understanding foreign clients, polylingualism improves memory, boosts confidence, and sparks creativity, as described in ChangemakerZ’s previous article, How Does Learning Multiple Languages Improve Your Skills?”

How to Diversify Your Staff

Knowing the benefits of diversity, here’s how you can diversify your business:

Foster healthy company culture

Fostering a healthy work environment means openly speaking out against racism, hate, sexism, etc. In doing so, your staff understands that the community of people that they work with will always have your back, and even feel empowered.

On the surface, this may seem easily achievable, but oftentimes a hidden factor comes into play: implicit bias. Implicit bias is a bias that is formed automatically and unintentionally; attributing qualities to a person based on the social group they are from. Stereotypes harm company culture. The best way to avoid implicit bias is to promote self-awareness through open discussions, which allows for self-realization. By doing so, others can be aware of their thoughts and words and begin to practice healthy ethical habits.

Include Nontraditional Applicants

Take chances with applicants! While traditional position applicants may be more familiar with a position, hiring nontraditional applicants diversifies work ethic, perspective, and talent pool.

While non-traditional applicant are a great way to diversify staff, I highly suggest that you do not only hire non-traditional applicants. Hiring just anyone could be a potential threat to your business. Be open to new types of people, but make sure that their skill set is not too far away from what you are looking for.

Act From Day One

If you make diversity a priority, it will come. If you are just starting a business, creating a diversified work environment will be easier to create because you are starting from scratch. If you are looking to diversify and already established business, start slowly to allow your business to adjust to it over time.