Saloni Nayak

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Saloni Nayak is an Incoming High School Junior from California’s bay area. Her interests include art, reading, baking, and tiny goats dressed in sweaters. You can often find her on the couch scrolling through memes on facebook or in the kitchen cooking up who knows what. She hopes to pursue engineering, business, and work in venture capital. Feel free to message her on any social media platform to ask any questions or just to have a good ol' conversation about life.

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Sneha Pullanoor

Chief Technology Officer

Sneha is a teenager from India. She is intrigued by tech and science. Besides being a published author and writing in her free time, she also has a passion for anything that revolves around art. She is the Director of Curriculum at Project Exchange, Head of Web Development and Technology at The Fortnightly Scientist and an Executive Member at HAX. She only loves three things on this planet- dogs, pastas and sunsets. If you can’t remember her name, yell “dogs” and she will turn back. 

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Hannah Ye

Chief Business Officer

Hannah Ye is a high school junior from Delaware. She is passionate about inspiring others to learn more about leadership and entrepreneurship through platforms like ChangemakerZ and TILE. Hannah hopes to pursue computer science and business in college. During her free time, Hannah likes to scroll through memes and make bad puns that she finds insanely hilarious. She also loves photography and Human Psychology. Feel free to reach her out on any platform.

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Fiona Fawcett

Fiona Fawcett is a sophomore in high school from Delaware. She participates in debate, mock trial, Science Olympiad, Cross Country and Soccer. She also helps run the Delaware chapter of TILE. When she isn’t working on her next Change MakerZ article, you can often find her listening to 90s music (because she was born in the wrong decade), reading a book, or day dreaming about attending the University of Virginia (go Hoos!)

Bhuvanesh Prabakar

Bhuvanesh Prabakar is a high school sophomore from New Jersey. He is a huge fan of fine arts, ranging from theatre and dance all the way to violin and singing. He is very involved with community activities, including various fairs and environmental activism activities. Bhuvanesh wishes to use his writing as a gateway to understanding as many perspectives as he can. He believes his work at ChangemakerZ will help him help more people. 

Tresha Sivanesanathan

Tresha Sivanesanathan is a passionate Grade 11 student who is interested in pursuing a career combining her passion for STEM and entrepreneurship. She was a representative of the International Student​s Association to help promote and encourage positive school interaction with members of her community. With ChangemakerZ, Tresha wishes to promote the accessible learning opportunities and have a greater understanding of the business world. When Tresha is not focusing on school, she is playing soccer with her fellow teammates or taming the wild beasts (her younger sisters) at home.

Srilekha Cherukuvada

Srilekha Cherukuvada is a 16 year old activist from Texas. She is involved in several social justice magazines and organizations, including Lune Magazine, Overachiever Magazine, Lipstick and Rage, Girls STEAM Mag, and Redefy. Srilekha is the yearbook copy editor and Horizon Weekly editor at her schools’ news publication. She is also a part of her school's DECA chapter, is publicist for Days For Girls and Academy Ambassadors, and avidly participates in National French Honors Society.Her goal in life is to travel to at least 100 countries and experience all the cultures in the world.

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Allison Wang

Allison Wang is a high school junior from California. She loves reading and writing and hopes to pursue law and further her involvement in her community. She engages herself in extracurricular courses/clubs like Speech and Debate, NHS, and Model UN. She has always been involved in activism, from co-organizing a walkout against gun violence at her school to starting a local Students Demand Action committee. In her free time, she likes watching TV shows, listening to music and playing with her dog. 

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Riya Shah

Riya Shah is a junior in high school from California. She has many interests including making birthday cards, baking for friends and playing field hockey. You can usually find her on her bed with a blanket and a good adventure book. In the future, she hopes to help make the world become a better place. She loves to meet new people, so do not hesitate to reach out to her on any social media platform.

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Faith Hollister

Faith Hollister is a high school sophomore from Delaware who’s extremely interested in social and legal issues, as well as entrepreneurship. When she’s not debating or struggling through her math homework, Faith likes to watch cheesy movies, read, and eat food that other people make for her. She especially loves coffee, chocolate, and anything Marvel. She also participates in Mock Trial, runs Cross Country (yes, that’s a sport), is a member of TILE^Delaware, and hopes to go into law after college.

Malia Marquez

Malia a junior in high school from California. She loves baking, coding, and binging Netflix shows with her cats. She also does competitive diving. She wants to study software engineering and use technology to make a difference in the world.

Estrella Popoca

Estrella Popoca is currently 17 and is attending 11th grade. She is passionate about her current generation improving our world and preparing to be the future! As well as being an aspiring engineer and entrepreneur, she is passionate about STEM and women inclusion! During her free time, you’ll find me reading, watching tv shows, and listening to music.

Stephanie Lin

Stephanie Lin is a senior from New York. She like tennis, hanging out with her friends, volunteering and learning new things everyday. She plays viola, piano and violin. Stephanie is also a student researcher for her school’s intel or Regeneron program.

Christina Law

Christina Law is a high school freshman from Delaware who is interested in computer science. Her hobbies include drawing, writing, and creating music. In her spare time, you can find her watching cooking videos on Youtube. She is also an editor for her school's yearbook and the Graphic Arts Designer for TILE^DE.

Kirti Sundaresa

Kriti Sundaresa is a high school freshman from New Jersey. She likes photography, learning about astrology, and painting. Kriti is a Girl Scout and enjoys volunteering with her troop. She enjoys talking to new people and exploring different places. In her free time, she is usually hanging out with her friends, watching Netflix, or reading her favorite astrology blogs. If you ever want to talk or share your favorite memes or funny videos, you can DM Kriti on Instagram anytime.

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Aashita Grover

Aashita Grover is a high school senior from New Jersey. She is passionate about business, math, and graphic design. In her free time, she binges stand up comedy and (most likely) Drake’s new music. If she asks you to be a part of whatever elaborate scheme she’s planning next, you probably want to say no - she tends to go through a business idea a week. In the future, Aashita hopes to pursue a career as a business lawyer so she can fulfill her dream of infinite Wawa runs (and help people, of course).

Benjamin Schronstein

Benjamin Schornstein lives in New Jersey, where he participates in activities such as TSA, DECA, Science League, TILE Talks, and even his new organization, STEM for Students. During his free time, he likes to ride his bike and watch movies (especially MCU movies) with his friends and family. He hopes working with ChangermakerZ can help him fuse his interests of STEM and entrepreneurship.

Yara Samad

Yara Samad is a fifteen-year-old sophomore in high school. She is a curious, open-minded, and a multicultural teenager who constantly seeks to learn from others in order to improve herself and the world around her. Yara is very passionate about design and entrepreneurship, which is why she started a D+E club at her school and her business called DREW. It is her goal to inspire other young leaders to take their first steps to create a future that they envision themselves in.

Grace Zhou

Grace is currently a grade 11 high school student studying in Calgary, Alberta Canada. She is passionate about self-discovery and productivity, causing her to get involved in the community in many different ways. At school, she was part of leadership club and helped organize the local cultural fair. Grace has also participated in MIT’s LaunchX program and the Junior Achievement company program. In her free time, Grace likes drawing plants, practicing the piano, and learning about the Chinese language and culture. 

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